The iPhone 12 Mini name appears again in the leaked photos
The iPhone 12 Mini name appears again in the leaked photos

With the arrival of the next iPhone 12 in mid-October, we were able to provide a very detailed description of what Apple expects, including advice on the iPhone 12 Mini model we received a few days ago. .

We now have a new leak indicating that the name (Mini) will be added to the range of the iPhone 12, as the image of the most popular status mark posted on Twitter by user (DuanRui) appears in the small version of the iPhone 12 small at a length of 5.4 inches.

None of these iPhone 12 Mini leaks came from known sources, but as the official release neared, the rumor caught people's attention.

The reason for the leak is that Apple already owns the iPad Mini and Mac Mini. So this isn't the first time the name has been used. This name can help users distinguish between the four iPhone 12 models we are likely to see over the next month.

Based on everything we've heard so far and the expected 5.4-inch iPhone 12 Mini, we also hope for two 6.1-inch models.

One of the differences between the 6.1-inch models is the camera settings, the powerful optics, the LiDAR sensors that enhance depth sensing and the augmented reality apps on the Pro models (like the iPad Pro).

The 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max will be the best of the expected iPhone lineup as it will be the largest and most powerful of the four models. All phones are expected to use the same A14 Bionic chipset, so all phones should work similarly.

It seems that the leak confirms all the news about the upcoming Apple phones in the past few months, especially the small iPhone 12 mini. It turned out to be very popular because it had attracted a lot of readers' attention in the run-up to the iPhone series. benefit.

Apple hasn't officially announced a launch date for its phone, but in the past few days, three separate reports have prepared an Apple event on October 13th. The next cell phone will be ordered on October 16 and will be the next. Shipping starts weekly.

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