The owner of Tik Tok reminds that China must agree to the US deal
The owner of Tik Tok reminds that China must agree to the US deal

Chinese company (ByteDance) said Thursday: China must agree to sell its TikTok business in the United States to Oracle. Attempts to circumvent the US embargo could be more complicated.

Oracle has made an offer to the Trump administration to make it a technology partner for TikTok, as (ByteDance) seeks to sidestep Trump's order to block the company's US activities. Oracle's proposal envisions TikTok Global as the global business of an American company.

But US President Donald Trump questioned BiteDance's plan to retain a controlling stake in US company TikTok on Wednesday, saying after being asked by six Republicans to reject the proposal, he did not support the idea of ​​a Chinese company to maintain control.

Trump said that if ByteDance fails to comply with the order, it will ban Tik Tok in the US on Sunday amid concerns the company is leaking user data to the Chinese Communist government. .

Chinese state media reported another statement from the company on Thursday: Show in the United States (ByteDance) does not include direct sales of TikTok or TikTok technology.

When asked about ByteDance's comments on Thursday about the need for China’s consent, the US State Department urged the US to adhere to the principles of free market, fair competition and to stop politicizing economic and trade cooperation. Normal.

China reportedly updated its export control rules late last month to give an opinion on technology transfer, for example: an algorithm to recommend TikTok users to overseas buyers.

Reuters reported on Friday that three people familiar with the matter said Beijing was refusing to force BitDance to sell the company in the US and that it supports closing short video apps in the US. .

According to sources, Chinese officials believe the forced sale will make BiteDance and China look weak under pressure from Washington.

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