The secret Chinese spaceship landed safely
The secret Chinese spaceship landed safely

The state-run Xinhua News Agency said: The reusable spacecraft landed safely after its launch on September 4 and landed on September 6, which means that it remained in orbit for two days.

According to China, the spaceship will provide a comfortable and inexpensive way to go to space, and it is designed to promote peaceful uses of space.

Not much is known about the spacecraft, including its basic design, and there are no photos of the aircraft, but there are rumors that it is a space shuttle similar to the US secret plane X-37B.

A Chinese military source told the South China Morning Post that they could not provide details about the mission, but could look for ideas in the US X-37B.

(US X-37B) is a space plane roughly a quarter the size of the US Space Shuttle. It is a series of spacecraft that were launched into orbit by rockets between 1981 and 2011 and can reach Earth and land on the runway for maintenance and reuse.

(US X-37B) follows the same basic operations but never has a crew and describes the US Air Force (US X-37B) as a pilot test procedure to demonstrate the reusable space technology.

Regardless of the vehicle, China is warmly celebrating its return as a science event, and Xinhua News Agency called the news a major breakthrough.

The Chinese military told the South China Morning Post that this launch includes many first steps.

A Chinese military source said: The spaceship is new and the method of launch is different, so we need to be safer.

According to Andrew Jones, a freelance writer specializing in the Chinese space program, there were rumors earlier this year that a space mission could take place in 2020.

Jones stressed that the launch of the spacecraft is in line with China's goals for space exploration. Jones said: For several years, China has been studying various concepts of spacecraft.

State media reported in 2017 that a major Chinese aerospace contractor was developing an experimental reusable spacecraft that could land horizontally.

China announced in 2020 that it would launch a spacecraft that could fly like an airplane and be reused, allowing the technology to increase the launch pace and reduce mission costs.

China stated that the mission of the delivery vehicle is to review reusable technologies as planned and provide technical support for peaceful uses of space.

Jones said: The launch may surprise people, but it is, in fact, in line with the Chinese government's space goals.

He added, "China is very interested in spacecraft and they said," They will, and it looks like they did it on time. "

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