Tik Tok reveals the secret of the horrific suicide video that spread to it
Tik Tok reveals the secret of the horrific suicide video that spread to it

TikTok told the British Parliament: The video tape that recorded the suicide and was played on its service in early September was "the result of a coordinated attack on the dark web."

Theo Bertram, European public policy director at TikTok, who provided evidence to the Public Commission for Digitization, Culture, Media and Sports, said the video was used in a “collaborative attack” on apps shared with the video a week after it was recorded. .

“We know that companies involved in the dark web activity have plans to raid social media platforms, including TikTok, to distribute videos online,” Bertram said.

He added, "We see a group of users repeatedly trying to upload videos to our platform. The ways to share, edit and trim videos are different." He continued, "I do not want to speak about it publicly in this forum. How did we discover it and deal with it, but our machine learning emergency service found these videos."

The cause of death was widely publicized on the site, then tips on how to recognize and avoid the video were provided before it was automatically published to known users.

There was a week-long gap between the suicide and the TikTok attack, which led the company to form a "global alliance" to protect users from such harmful content.

"Last night we wrote to the CEOs of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Snapchat, Pinterest and Reddit," Bertram said. Our suggestion is that, just like these companies that worked together previously on [child sexual abuse] and terrorist content, we must now become partners to manage that content. ''

This partnership might, for example, allow Facebook to share the technical details of the video in question so that Tik Tok can block its downloading in the first place. This also reduces the workload of the small business monitoring team.

Bertram also urged members of Congress to urge Apple and Google to add stricter age restrictions to their app stores to simplify this process.

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