TikTok faces Trump's ban on new marketing tools
TikTok faces Trump's ban on new marketing tools

TikTok has introduced new marketing tools to attract more advertisers, as well as tools to measure the success of ad campaigns that run on popular short video apps.

Marketing tools allow brands and marketers to run ad campaigns through TikTok. TikTok currently has around twenty certified partners, including digital marketing platforms (MakeMeReach) and data analytics companies (Kantar).

The advertising industry on TikTok is still developing, but the Chinese-owned company ByteDance has become a popular niche for brands that want to target young app audiences.

US President Donald Trump has ordered Byte Dance Company to withdraw Tik Tok from the state administration for security reasons due to the personal data it processes.

Microsoft and Oracle are trying to take over the app blocked by the Trump administration. However, new export regulations for Chinese technologies mean that selling TikTok businesses to the US may require Beijing's approval.

The company also announced a new feature (Stitch) that allows users to watch up to five seconds of another user's video on their Tik Tok posts.

The (stab) function appears to have been tested since April. Their main idea is to provide an easier way for users to cite other videos in their work.

This is the latest addition to the company's TikTok for Business advertising platform, which was officially launched in June, which combines existing TikTok marketing products with recently launched (AR) products to compete with Snapchat.

The company's goal is to broaden its platform to collaborate with major brands on a large scale and leverage the strong growth of the audience to create ad units and sell brands and products in unique, innovative and cohesive ways.

With the launch of the retail version of TikTok, we are creating new opportunities for marketers to become creative storytellers and have conversations, Melissa Yang, chair of TikTok Ecosystem Partners, said in the blog. Useful for the TikTok community. .

She added, "We are excited to partner with some of the most strategic and trusted executives in the advertising industry and continue to provide marketers with more tools to successfully create, measure and optimize campaigns on TikTok."

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