Twitter expands its disinformation database ahead of the US election
Twitter expands its disinformation database ahead of the US election

Twitter said today, Thursday: It will publish or delete false information aimed at undermining confidence in the US elections, including: publications calling for victory before the results are approved or inciting illegal measures to prevent the peaceful transfer of power.

Twitter said on its blog that it has updated its rules to understand changes in the way people vote in the upcoming November 3 elections and is trying to prevent voters from removing content and misleading its platform.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the frequently used postal surveys in the US election can cause a significant delay in the calculation results. Some experts fear this will lead to incorrect information gaining momentum.

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly said: Without evidence, the mail vote is vulnerable to widespread fraud.

Twitter also said: In addition to controversial allegations that could undermine people's confidence in the program, it reports or removes misleading information that confuses laws and regulations with officials involved in civic activities, such as: an unconfirmed count of information or information about election fraud.

A Twitter spokesperson said: Content that contributes to a certain lie or could cause more harm determines its fate; H. Remove or add tags and reduce coverage.

After US intelligence decided that Russia would use its software to interfere in the 2016 elections, social media companies have long been under pressure to suppress fake news, and Moscow has denied this claim.

The companies also examined responses to President Trump's inflammatory content. Since May, Twitter has flagged Trump ballot papers with warnings and fact-checking flags.

Twitter said its rules "will be applied to everyone equally and wisely." The new global policy will take effect on September 17th.

Facebook said last week that it would identify posts or campaigns from candidates who claim to win early. He also said: It will stop accepting any new political announcements a week before Election Day.

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