Twitter places warning flags on Trump's tweets when voting by mail
Twitter places warning flags on Trump's tweets when voting by mail

Today, Thursday, Twitter posted a warning sign on US President Donald Trump's tweets saying: The information in his messages may be misleading regarding mail voting.

Trump said in a tweet: “With an unprecedented number of new and unnecessary votes being sent to voters or elsewhere this year, it may not be possible to determine the outcome of the November 3 election. Some want it. Yesterday. An electoral disaster happened. Stop the crazy vote. !

In the past few months the president has launched an attack without evidence of the vote. He said: It could lead to widespread fraud despite millions of Americans (including many in the military) voting in the mail for years. There is no such problem.

This process is seen as a way to reduce exposure to the emerging coronavirus (COVID-19), although the system for doing so varies from country to country.

The Twitter warning sign redirects users to the company's website, stating that "email surveys are legal and safe, and data is verified and provided by experts." Contains more information about email voting.

The social network has already posted warning flags and shared them on the president's tweets, including: adding fact-checking notices to his tweets.

Twitter came under tight control by the Trump administration in May last year when it first urged readers to review Trump's tweets about allegations of email fraud without any basis.

Twitter also said in a tweet on Thursday: The platform has lowered awareness of tweets related to QAnon by more than 50% thanks to its "work to break down content and accounts related to conspiracy theories." In July, the social media company announced that it would stop recommending QAnon content and accounts based on the assumption that some 150,000 accounts have been affected.

Twitter discussed in a post on Thursday how groups and content coordinate malicious activity, saying: You need to find evidence that people associated with the group or activity are involved in a format that could be harmful to others.

The company said: This format can be technical, for example: one person manages multiple accounts to send the same message, or socially, for example: using a messaging application to organize several people who tweet at the same time.

Twitter said: It will prohibit all forms of technical coordination, but for social coordination to violate its rules, there must be evidence that false or misleading content can cause personal or psychological harm, or harm "information." .


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