Twitter plans to rank more public accounts around the world, according to its CEO, although politicians are calling for leaders from countries like Iran and China to be allowed to use Twitter.

Jack Dorsey said: Social media platforms are expanding the rating of their government accounts around the world.

At a virtual forum in Oslo Freedom hosted by a New York-based non-profit human rights organization, Dorsey said: The Twitter platform will categorize accounts in more countries / regions to provide users with more information about the information published by national accounts. Clarify whether there is an agenda behind it.

Last month, Twitter announced the name for the first time, but initially only applied it to accounts in China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Activists widely use the Twitter platform, sometimes using pseudonyms, to spread human rights violations from countries such as China. However, the platform has been criticized for not preventing bad a

Twitter ranks country accounts globally
Twitter ranks country accounts globally

ctors from using bot accounts to spread false information.

Dorsey said: The company uses mentions such as: For example, when a new group of accounts is created and to what extent Tweets are posted on specific topics to get rid of disinformation campaigns while protecting activists who write under pseudonyms.

He said: The pseudonym is a reliable identity that we must cherish and preserve.

When asked, he replied: Twitter allows Iranian and Chinese leaders to use the platform even though its government is preventing citizens from accessing the platform Hypocrisy? Dorsey answered: It is important to understand their mentality, and it is important to know how to tell the story of this diet to the rest of the world.

Twitter follows similar guidelines from Facebook and YouTube, adding the name to the accounts of government officials and official media in China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The platform stopped suggesting tweets to state media, and the company said on its blog at the time that the tags provide a background that can help users make informed decisions.

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