Uber wants passengers of its cars to take a photo of the wearing of the muzzle
Uber wants passengers of its cars to take a photo of the wearing of the muzzle

Uber said Tuesday it will launch a global selfie feature to see if its customers are wearing masks, similar to a similar feature that was introduced to drivers in mid-May.

Uber launched its No Ride Unmasked program on May 18th, and has expanded its policy indefinitely due to the ongoing pandemic. The driver and passengers must always wear a mask while driving.

The driver must use their nose to take selfies before starting work every day, and the driver and passenger can cancel the trip without paying a penalty if they report that the other party has not been snapped. Otherwise, the account can be banned.

Uber said: The Passenger Selfie will be rolling out in the US and Canada in late September, then rolling out in Latin America and other regions. Unlike the driver, the driver app only prompts passengers to take pictures if the driver informs them in advance that it is not bothering them.

Sachin Kansal, Uber's product manager, said in an interview: “We really want to make sure we target drivers who have just returned to the platform and who may not be aware of our policies (even the muzzle).” Sharp, especially in the United States, where Uber's largest market is located.

Kansal said the selfie feature does not use face recognition technology, it only recognizes the snout as a face object. A company spokesperson added that Uber stores selfies for 96 hours to resolve potential disputes, but removes them permanently.

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