Vivo is developing a phone that can change colors with the push of a button
Vivo is developing a phone that can change colors with the push of a button

Vivo said today, Thursday: A smartphone is being developed that could change the color of its glass back. This was released after two videos were released showing the phone.

And the Chinese company confirmed in a video posted on the Chinese social networking site Weibo that the company is using colored electric glass to change the color of the back of the phone. In addition, the clip shows that changing the color is actually activated by pressing a button. It should also be noted that the company covered the camera body in the clip and the initial leak showed the rear camera.

Vivo said in its publication that the technology was designed with low power consumption in mind and hopes that the technology will not affect the phone's battery life at startup.

Smartphone manufacturers are trying to include more funky colors on the back of their phones to make their devices stand out. That is why they launched phones with different gradations, transparent backgrounds, and phones with a pure golden back.

The technology used in Vivo is based on electrostatic chromatography, which is a phenomenon in which the glass changes or darkens when pressed. Please note that this type of glass is not new as it is used for smart windows in cars and buildings.

This technology uses two transparent electrode plates with electrode films in between, as well as ionic conductors and ion storage membranes. When a low voltage is applied, the ions change their coordination and the light changes and bends as it passes through the plate, resulting in different colors.

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