What internet speed do I need to play PS4 online?
What internet speed do I need to play PS4 online?

If you want to play on PS4, you can get rid of slow internet speed as 3Mbps download speed and 1Mbps upload speed can solve the problem, but the connection test should be less than 150ms.

If you want to play online your internet connection is very important. In addition to being safe, it should be fast, especially when playing on devices like PS4. Internet speeds vary from provider to provider, but players can always check a couple of things to make sure they are playing at the maximum possible speed.

If you're a fan of PC and console games, you know that most games have a list of minimum system requirements. In this list, the minimum connection speed is the game's service speed. It works on the Internet.

Games differ on the PS4 because the console itself has minimum requirements and all games must meet these minimum requirements before they can be used on the PS4 platform. The good news is that the minimum requirements (Sony) are very poor.

You only need an upload speed of 3 Mb / s and an upload speed of 1 Mb / s. By current standards, it's pretty low - the average internet speed in the US is now 19 Mbps - so any game can run normally, but the speed is an important factor when playing online (pinging) the real thing that needs attention. Problem.

Ping is very important for PS4:

For those unfamiliar, ping is the time (in milliseconds) it takes for the information package to be sent to the server and returned to you. If you are playing video games online, the ping test will help you determine the status of your game.

If the ping is too high (say over 150ms), your teammates and enemies will bounce around the screen more violently, and even kill you without seeing them. Typically, this is where players complain about being late, breaking into, or entering while playing online games. Reducing Ping is an important part of online gaming. If it is not corrected early, all your thoughts will be consumed.

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