Windows 10 antivirus software has been greatly updated
Windows 10 antivirus software has been greatly updated

Microsoft has released a number of changes to its Windows 10 antivirus service that bring all of the company's detection and response capabilities (XDR) into a consistent state.

The changes were announced at a company event (Ignite 2020). With the changes, Microsoft 365 Defender (Microsoft Threat Protection) and (Azure Defender) can be integrated into Windows under the protection of Microsoft Defender Antivirus. 10.

The company says the product will use artificial intelligence to analyze attacks across different media and, if possible, make automatic decisions, and provide broader resource coverage for every XDR in the industry.

Microsoft Defender is also integrated with the company's Security and Incident Information Management (SIEM) tool. SIEM pulls data from Microsoft Defender's cloud native and other sources to fully understand each attack and prioritize threats in Windows 10.

The company also announced that Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (known as Microsoft Defender ATP) has been released to Android users and is being featured in an iOS preview. This means that the service is now available on all major operating systems. 'Exploit.

On mobile platforms, the service prevents phishing attacks, dangerous applications, and malicious files and can be used to block corporate data to reduce the risk of hacker attacks.

Microsoft said the decision to integrate its security products aims to reduce the complexity and problems that arise from it.

“In the past, security teams have responded to threats and signals with a number of solutions that cannot be combined.” Security Compliance from Microsoft and Vasu Jakkal, Vice President of Identity, said these solutions cannot cover the range of workloads, the cloud, and the hardware the company is working on.

By integrating XDR capabilities and integration with Azure Sentinel, Microsoft aims to make it easier to detect, analyze and resolve threats, especially those related to pandemics and changes caused by the telework boom.

“Digital security is about people - it works with certified attorneys to defend and protect people, data, work, personal safety and protection. It's about making people and organizations resilient in unexpectedly changing environments such as working remotely on a large scale,” added Vasu Jakal.

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