Windows 10 has one of the best iOS features for your computer
Windows 10 has one of the best iOS features for your computer

Microsoft announced that Windows 10 has one of the most useful software features in Apple's mobile iOS.

A handful of personal computers will soon adopt the space bar display feature that has long been popular with mobile phone users. You can have better control of the navigation position on the screen by holding down the spacebar while moving your finger.

Apple introduced the distance indicator in iOS 12, which is a great reminder feature for sliding keyboards that were widely used on BlackBerry devices in the past.

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According to Microsoft, the touch keyboard can be used on any computer via the touch keyboard buttons in the system tray, although users may need to right-click or hold down the system tray. A button to activate this function. , Then choose Show Touch Keyboard button from the menu.

This feature will appear as part of a future release of Windows 10, and it indicates that Microsoft may preview this release as part of Windows 10 for version 20206, as this feature is a common requirement for users around the world.

Microsoft said, "All you have to do is place your finger on the space bar and slide your finger left or right or up or down. Your finger moves, the pointer moves one letter or line at a time."

This feature is useful for users who use Windows 10 on a tablet and can be an important feature in new Microsoft mobile devices (such as (Surface Duo)) as the company is also preparing the next generation specially designed for foldable devices (Windows 10x) version.

(Build 20206) is available for testers on the (Dev) channel. It has a new improved version of Windows dictation. This version has been renamed Voice Input and can be used as dictation in any Windows 10 operating system. The storage location is entered via language. Microsoft stated that despite having a text field, it now benefits from an improved modern design for touch keyboards.

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