Windows 10's dark mode has been finally improved
Windows 10's dark mode has been finally improved

Windows 10's dark mode (also known as Dark Theme) has become a part of the OS and it looks like the new update will eventually fix the flaws many of us faced.

Windows 10's dark mode has been criticized for its inconsistency. Upon use, some parts of Windows 10 and its applications will switch to dark mode, while other parts of the operating system will retain their bright white background.

This gives the impression that Windows 10's dark mode is incomplete, but according to the latest report from Windows, it appears that Microsoft has finally fixed this issue.

Use version 2021 - The first release of the upcoming Windows 10 update available to Windows Insiders. Windows 10 dark theme has been updated. Bing now supports Windows Search, Menu Search, and Web in Search Tools) they all have a dark mode.

Context menus and dialog boxes are now also disabled to match the rest of the UI, for example B. Taskbar and Start Menu.

This change isn't the biggest change in the world, but anyone using Windows 10's dark mode is frustrated that it doesn't cover the dark theme completely, but now they're relieved that Microsoft is finally helping them.

To apply a dark theme, go to Settings> Personalization> Colors and select (Dark Mode).

Although this makes the system darker, Microsoft is still working hard to apply it to all parts of the system, especially the old apps and menus.

It should be noted that Windows 10 includes a built-in protection application called (Windows Security) that can protect your device and your files from harmful viruses, ransomware, spyware and other forms of software. Harm in real time. And cyber criminals. Although the application provides strong protection, it may sometimes affect the performance of certain tasks and thus affect the way you work on your computer, such as: for example, blocking a specific file that you want to open even if it is. Known to be safe or an app you know cannot install. It's from a trusted source and needs to be paused to install apps or open files and then restart.

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