Windows XP has features that make it feel like a Mac
Windows XP has features that make it feel like a Mac

Microsoft has developed a secret feature for Windows XP that makes the operating system look similar to Mac OS.

Recent Windows XP source code leaks refer to Microsoft's early work on the operating system and some new features the company developed during the initial development of Windows XP in 2000.

One feature is called Candy and it has a very similar design to the Apple Aqua surface that was first demonstrated at the Macworld Conference and Exhibition in 2000.

While the covert functionality is not exhaustive, the Start button (Windows XP), along with the many UI buttons and elements, have been carefully designed to match Apple's Aqua user interface.

Microsoft never released an Aqua-like candy feature in Windows XP, but rather uses it in the operating system's original source code.

Windows developers seem to have used themes as placeholders to create the theme engine for Windows XP.

The feature itself is specifically designed for (Whistler) with the phrase "for internal use only" and (Whistler) being the codename for Windows XP.

Microsoft moved the final release (Windows XP) to the blue-green (Luna) theme, which many people referred to as Fisher Price-esque when the OS was first released in 2001.

Theme Engine (Windows XP) is an important OS update that can run third-party themes and make many modifications.

During the development phase (Windows XP), Microsoft faced tough competition with Apple in its desktop operating system.

In the first decade of the 21st century, Apple mocked Microsoft at its annual developer conference with the slogan: "Redmond, start your copier."

Apple has also launched an ad campaign called "Get a Mac" that addresses Windows shortcomings, especially Windows Vista.

In the 1990s and 1980s, Windows was greatly influenced by the classic Mac operating system and later versions (OS X).

Apple has also borrowed some functions from Windows, especially Windows, navigation, control panel, and file and folder navigation.

The leaked Windows XP source code provided little information about the early development of the operating system used by millions of people.

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