YouTube limits more videos by age
YouTube limits more videos by age

YouTube has introduced more artificial intelligence techniques to identify more videos that may require age restrictions. This means more viewers need to log into their accounts to verify their ages.

Similar to the way YouTube 2017 uses machine learning technology to better expose violent extremism and increasingly dangerous content to the platform, in this case, it uses the same method to automatically report clips that YouTube considers inappropriate for his age.

Consequently, YouTube wants more age-restricted popup videos and the company is preparing for some reporting errors, such as the introduction of AI verification technology. .

As part of this change, people who view embedded clips on third-party websites will be directed to YouTube to sign up and verify their age.

Creators who participate in the YouTube Affiliate Program fear that these reviews could harm their potential earnings.

YouTube is against it. This is because most of the age-restricted sections may also violate the company's policies for advertisers. These sections are limited or contain no ads.

Another problem for content producers is that videos that have an age limit will not appear on the homepage.

YouTube said: Videos with an age limit are unlikely to appear on the homepage, but age limits will not automatically prevent videos from displaying on the homepage.

When the platform was launched, the platform tried to address global criticism that it was not safe for children. The YouTube team said: According to the data protection law, the platform is not suitable for anyone under the age of 13.

The company views YouTube Kids as a safer alternative, and young children continue to use the YouTube app at home or elsewhere.

Some popular channels produce content for kids, and the YouTube Trust and Safety team will restrict the video if it encounters a video while watching the video. If the video is deemed inappropriate for users under the age of 18, then age will be determined. Gate.

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