Zoom supports two-factor authentication for desktop and mobile devices
Zoom supports two-factor authentication for desktop and mobile devices

Zoom video conferencing service now supports two-factor authentication for applications on desktop or mobile devices, so users can add additional security to their accounts in addition to passwords. hypothetical.

Users can enable the two-factor authentication feature from the Zoom dashboard, the company said in its blog.

Zoom said: This is not the first time it supported two-factor authentication, but previously it was only available on the web and can now be used by both desktop and mobile users. The company assured that all users can take advantage of the new security features, including those on the company's free tier.

In addition to supporting two-factor authentication on many of its platforms, Zoom also offers users more options for one-time login codes. Previously, users could only use an authentication app like Google Authenticator to generate their code. Now you can receive it via SMS.

However, SMS in general is not as secure as using apps on the device. Because it can make it easier to pick up the code. Zoom has also added support for recovery codes that customers can use to regain access to their account if they lose their mobile device.

Zoom said in mid-June of last year: After talking about making encryption technology available only to subscribers of paid services, it will provide encryption technology (end-to-end) for all users without exception.

After safety concerns and the sudden growth of the service emerged, many schools around the world banned use of the service, with the exception of SpaceX, a well-known contractor (Elon Musk), and the governments of Germany, Taiwan and Singapore stopped using the service. The service is also prohibited. .

After that, Zoom promised to improve security features to protect users. A company official said in late May last year: There are plans to improve encryption capabilities for video calls hosted by customers and institutions (such as schools), but not for existing companies. Free accounts. .

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