3Doodler Pro Plus .. the 3D pen
3Doodler Pro Plus .. the 3D pen

(3Doodler) company introduced its new pen (3Doodler Pro Plus) for 3D printing as the company tries to use this pen to enhance the effect of professional display and method of adjusting parameters during 3D printing, changing the drawing and offering more different shapes and sizes of materials available.

The 3Doodler 3D Pen has a wide variety of uses, from art projects to creating advanced professional models.

3Doodler Pro Plus is an improved version of the previous 3Doodler Pro pen. In addition to optimal looks and precise control, it also offers various visual designs.

The new pen retains most of the features of the previous pen, the pen is 50% thinner and better performance.

For 3Doodler Pro pen owners who previously considered an upgrade, these changes are not without the potential trade-offs.

The stylus has high-precision tools for temperature and speed controls, but it lacks a physical graphics tablet to fine-tune its button settings, and the unique digital display delivers up to 10 temperatures and 7 switching speeds. Line. pen.

These buttons simplify the stylus, but require you to click on the menu instead of just moving the physical control wheel, which seems to take longer.

The back of the new stylus is magnetic and can be removed to access the internal components of the pen. The tip of the pen has six different nozzles that can be drawn in different shapes.

The company claims to offer the largest range of yarns in the industry, including traditional plastics, brass, bronze, nylon, and wood.

3Doodler Pro Plus is suitable for all types of leads the company sell, except for the "environmental plastic" wire supplied with the pen (Start) and the pen (3D Build & Play).

The new changes may seem simple, but they offer a better way to access devices that are useful for everyone, not just business users.

The company said: The working time of the pen should be longer than the previous pen because it can press continuously for 30 minutes and then stop cooling for two minutes.

3Doodler Pro Plus is now $ 249.99 and is suitable for everyone from artists to engineers. You can use it to build, design, or repair.

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