5 reasons to switch to Firefox
5 reasons to switch to Firefox

Web browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge are the main applications for computers and mobile devices that you can use to perform many operations, such as: For example: checking email and social media accounts, reading messages, reading videos, music and other content. .

Regarding the most popular web browser, we found Google Chrome to be without a doubt the fastest and most efficient, which makes it the top of the list. However, we found that Google's path is still a long way off. To include the security features that users require. For example: the ability to disable cookies for third-party tracking links.

Additionally, you can use Firefox browser, which focuses on providing many built-in security and privacy features, such as: b. Block third-party cookies and a variety of other tracking technologies, plus many important security and privacy improvements that keep you thinking. Now go to this browser and use it as your primary browser instead of Google Chrome.

1- Encrypted Search:

If you are using Firefox, you will see a popup informing you that the browser is using encrypted search. This means that when entering the site URL, the browser must check the Domain Name System (DNS) box to find the numeric IP address that matches the site name you entered. .

These searches are usually not encrypted. This may allow your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or hacker to get a list of all the websites you visited. Then Firefox will automatically forward all DNS requests to the encrypted service. Whatever you use your ISP has nothing to do with it. Unlike Chrome, Chrome will only encrypt DNS requests if your ISP offers this feature.

2- Improved tracking protection:

Firefox's advanced tracking protection feature provides you with protection from various tracking features while browsing various websites, including third-party cookies, cryptocurrency mining, fingerprint recognition, and other website usage monitoring.

3- restrict Facebook to track your activity:

Firefox Browser provides you with a powerful plugin (Facebook container). The plugin is used specifically to protect you from being tracked by Facebook activities while surfing the internet. For example, press "Likes" and "C. Likes" that appear on many of the "share" buttons on many webpages. These buttons record that you have visited the website they are viewed on and the extension does not contain one effect. On Facebook user experience however, it blocks Facebook tracking tools on all other websites.

4- Determine if your email address appears in the data breach:

With Firefox Browser, you can use the service (Firefox Monitor) to find out if your email address is violating your registered website. The service provides you with a summary of violations of the website registered with this address. Then you have the option to change data logging. You are entering a hacked website or closing your account to ensure that hackers cannot access it.

5- Integrated tools to manage your password:

Lockwise lets you manage the passwords used when saving various websites while using Firefox by automatically saving all login names and managing them in the browser itself.

If you right-click on the password field on the relevant website, the tool will give you a strong password and a mobile app that allows you to log in in a certain way, simultaneously on all devices with your Firefox account.

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