Amazon announced the introduction of advanced electric delivery trucks
Amazon announced the introduction of advanced electric delivery trucks

US e-commerce giant Amazon announced today (Thursday) the launch of an electric delivery truck that will start operating in 2022.

Amazon developed an electric truck in collaboration with startup Rivian Automotive.

In September 2019, the company announced that it had ordered 10,000 Rivian electric delivery vehicles as part of the company's ambitious climate protection plan, Commit to Climate. As part of this plan, Amazon has pledged to be fully renewable energy by 2030 and zero carbon by 2040.

Amazon said in a statement: The new electric truck is one of three different models from Rivian it has invested in. The company plans to deploy 10,000 vehicles by early 2022 and 100,000 vehicles by 2030. Earlier, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, said: By 2024, the company will have 100,000 electric cars.

The truck has several design changes, including: updated safety features such as more advanced detection sensors, road technology, traffic assistance technology, and exterior cameras that give drivers a 360-degree view outside the vehicle. Amazon said: The truck is equipped with an Alexa digital assistant that can provide lane information hands-free.

It should be noted that Amazon ordered more than 1,800 electric pickup trucks from the leading German automaker, Mercedes-Benz, in August.

In addition, European lawmakers have written to Bezos, the president of Amazon, asking him to appoint intelligence officials to monitor politicians, union members and employees.

The letter was written by Leila Chaibi, a French politician from the La France Insoumise political party, then signed by 36 lawmakers from the left-wing European Parliament and the EU’s majority Greens. .

The letter was released after Amazon cut two "intelligence analyst" jobs with exemplary skills in French and Spanish. According to the vacancies, these positions include monitoring various threats that Amazon is considering including: trade unions and "hostile political leaders".

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