An Australian social network competing with Facebook and Google
An Australian social network competing with Facebook and Google

Australia is studying the feasibility of creating a nationally funded social network managed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). If mandatory information law goes into effect this year, the answer could be if Facebook and Google cut services in Australia. .

Facebook has warned that Australians will be banned from sharing information if the digital platforms' historic plan to pay for news content becomes legal.

When the government announced that it would force the company to pay content fees to news publishers, Google launched a public anti-bill campaign and an international campaign against YouTube users.

The display of the platform is managed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and is part of the risk mitigation report prepared by the Center for Responsible Technology. The title of the report was "Can Australia survive without Google and Facebook?" ''

The proposed social network will connect communities without collecting data such as Facebook and Google.

Social media can benefit from the Broadband Australian Broadcasting Corporation in local, regional and national communities, as well as public investment trust in the organization.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation platform attracts community participation, enables real communication, influences decision-making and application of independent journalistic principles, and thus provides real added value to communities that desire citizen participation.

"Alternatives to Google and Facebook should be developed, such as the national social platform hosted by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation," he added.

Some people are urging the government to urgently pass stricter privacy laws before Facebook posts are less likely to be removed and Google pulling its search engine out of the country.

The report warns that if American society refuses to share messages with Australians, Facebook may be flooded with fake and fake news.

"The government needs to invest heavily in Australian technology and startups to prepare consumers to terminate the services of powerful foreign technology companies," the report said.

The report adds that despite the known risks and widespread disinformation, many users may find it difficult to leave this environment.

Shortening or terminating Facebook services could have a negative impact on Australians. Because they lost the connection and the content invested in the platform, and Facebook stopped its services, this addiction poses a risk to Australians.

All major media companies in Australia support a mandatory information bill to offset damage from lost advertising revenue to Facebook and Google.

The Australian government's attempt to curb the market dominance of Google and Facebook is one of the similar steps being taken around the world.

The report says: Facebook and Google have become a major part of our online experience, and it is difficult to imagine the internet without these two tech giants, and Google and Facebook are synonymous with the Internet for many Australians.

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