Apple is extending the Apple TV + free trial until February next year
Apple is extending the Apple TV + free trial until February next year

Apple confirmed to CNBC on Thursday that it will renew part of its TV (Apple TV Plus) + Apple TV service in a one-year free trial period. Until February 2021.

Last fall, when the US tech giant Apple launched TV +, Apple launched a one-year free subscription service by purchasing Apple products that instantly increased the number of users of streaming services.

The first free trial subscriptions will expire in early November. This means that users who did not cancel their subscription during the one-year trial will pay $ 4.99 per month for the streaming service.

Apple said: Subscriber subscriptions start in November, December, January through February. This means that people who bought an iPhone on November 1 and activated Apple TV + service on the same day will be able to use the service until February 1. After that, they pay to subscribe to the service. Likewise, for example, anyone who signs up on January 25 can use Apple TV + and won't receive the monthly subscription price from them until February 25 of the following year.

Apple said that users who pay for monthly services - not during the trial period related to the device - will also receive points through February of next year. The extension is automatic and the user does not have to request it.

Apple has not disclosed how many Apple TV + users are. There are fewer TV shows and movies than competitors like Disney +, which reached 60 million users in August after launching in November.

Last July, Netflix announced that it had over 190 million subscribers worldwide. However, unlike these services, Apple TV + doesn't have a reboot return index.

Apple TV + is part of Apple's service business, which is increasingly becoming the focus of investor interest. As of the quarter ending in June, Apple TV + accounted for 22% of the company's revenue.

Last month, Apple announced several packages called (Apple One) that link Apple TV + to other paid subscriptions from Apple, including: (Apple Music) Apple Music, Cloud Storage Services (iCloud), and Arcade de Spieledienst (Apple). .

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