Apple is forcing ProtonMail to change its free app
Apple is forcing ProtonMail to change its free app

ProtonMail, a secure email service provider, said Apple has threatened to block its apps on the App Store if it doesn't start paying a percentage of the fee to iPhone manufacturers.

Apple has always had complete control over the iPhone app ecosystem, but regulators and developers are studying this policy closely.

The developers shared a few stories: Apple asked them to add in-app purchases to their free apps.

A new Congressional report reveals a different story about Apple's in-app purchases when ProtonMail told Congress that it had to monetize free apps.

The secure messaging service provider said Apple has requested in-app purchases despite agreeing not to make in-app purchases for two years.

When the secure email service provider tried to send customers email notifications of the changes, Apple threatened to remove the app and block all updates.

Installing Apple software on mobile devices is cumbersome and expensive. The age of apps has changed everything. Apple launched the App Store every time money was made from every sale.

A few years later, the addition of in-app purchases led to stricter regulations as developers are no longer permitted to provide payment options or links to purchase digital products in their apps. Because Apple will take its share.

According to Andy Yen, CEO of secure email service provider ProtonMail, Apple has banned secure email providers for using Hey and WordPress.

ProtonMail provides regular users with free encrypted email services and provides paid accounts to users who need more domains or storage space.

For years, Apple has been satisfied with the fact that the app is on its store without in-app purchases, and the paid plan is only sold through the website, which is what Apple's rules allow.

Yen said: After Apple realized that ProtonMail was offering paid services, Apple suddenly changed hands in 2018.

Yen said the app requires adding or purchasing in-app purchases, and there is nothing you can do, Apple is the judge, the jury and the desk.

The secure messaging service provider complied with the requirements to ensure their customers continue to access the app.

To maintain profit margins, secure messaging service providers need to increase the cost of their integrated purchase programs.

Apple has also threatened to block this secure messaging service provider from explaining this to users.

Apple recently revised its rules to clarify that apps can remain on the App Store as a standalone companion to paid web tools.

Yen said that the secure messaging service provider decided to keep paying on the app so as not to confuse Apple.

With no other way to distribute software through the operating system (iOS), a minor feud with Apple threatens the company's future.

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