Apple is using the A12 and A14 chipset to develop the Apple TV platform
Apple is using the A12 and A14 chipset to develop the Apple TV platform

Apple is said to be developing the Apple TV platform and is expected to release a completely new and updated platform in the coming months.

The improvement in processor is expected to exceed the requirements for the TV platform, which means it could become a game.

The company can publish two versions of the platform, the first version: equipped with a (A12 Bionic) processor, the second version: equipped with the company's latest processor (A14 Bionic), which makes it compatible with the latter (iPad Air) or (iPhone) 12) strongly (iPhone 12 Pro).

In addition, Apple Arcade's gaming subscription service aims to achieve higher goals and hopes to compete with games like Breast of the Wild, and a large amount of money has been allocated (Apple Arcade) to achieve this goal.

Apple will not make its own games to compete with Breath of the Wild, but the company is looking for more advanced graphics and long, terrifying stories.

IPhone manufacturers are working with developers to bring console-level games to Apple Arcade to improve gaming services.

For non-gamers, this news is especially exciting as Apple will find other ways for non-gamers to take advantage of all this processing power. Make sure you have a responsive interface on all devices.

Information indicates that a new gaming console is under development. However, it is not clear if it will be released anytime soon, or an updated new console or a new gaming console developed by Apple.

A new remote control will be launched soon, and since the remote control with Siri voice assistant is not popular with some users, many hobbyists will be looking for alternative remote controls with different designs.

According to reports, some games require the use of processors (A13 Bionic) or faster, and an updated platform (Apple TV) is expected to be launched earlier this year, but has not yet been implemented. .

Bloomberg recently announced that the platform (Apple TV) is being updated and that faster processors will be suitable for games. However, this version of the platform might not be available until next year.

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