Apple's iPhone 12 Pro undergoes durability tests ... will it hold up?
Apple's iPhone 12 Pro undergoes durability tests ... will it hold up?

One of YouTube's most popular channels - dedicated to testing durability - offers several tests on the new iPhone 12 Pro, including engraving and folding, as well as scratching with sharp objects.

JerryRigEverything (known as one of the "most extreme" channels of the durability test) begins the test by opening the phone booth and indicating that the charger has been removed from the box and supports wireless charging.

Then the test began with scraping the external screen, which could withstand intentional scratches down to level 6, with a sharp metal object. In the seventh stage, the scratches were clearly shown on the screen and the channel indicated that the company was called Ceramic Shield. Protective layer: 4 times stronger. Scratch every glass on a smartphone like the glass on other cell phones. The stainless steel frame (iPhone 12 Pro) has been scratched, making it difficult to scratch.

The back of the iPhone 12 Pro is also protected by a layer of glass that can be scratched by the blade, while other items such as plastic, coins and keys leave marks on the surface of the glass that can be removed by hand. However, the glass covering the three rear cameras was affected during the eighth scratch.

In the fire test, the phone is robust enough to withstand an intentional screen burn, as no traces of the screen were found after 60 seconds of exposure to a lighter fire. Even if the glass is tilted; Except for metal or plastic, it can break, but JerryRigEverything's attempts to bend the machine have failed.

It is worth noting that Apple announced the iPhone 12 Pro and three other phones in early October, namely (iPhone 12), (iPhone 12 mini) and (iPhone 12 Pro Max). October.

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