Chrome error prevents website data to be deleted
Chrome error prevents website data to be deleted

Developer Jeff Johnson found a version number error (86.0.4240.75) in the Chrome browser, so that local storage data from Google and YouTube is preserved even after restarting the browser.

Johnson wrote that it might just be a browser bug, not intentional behavior, but the reason it only affects Google sites and not non-Google sites.

He added: I used the latest version of the browser for the operating system (macOS), but this also happens in previous versions of the browser and I don't know when it will start.

If you ask the Chrome browser to clear all cookies and website data every time you exit the browser, you can be confident that this policy will be enforced on all websites.

The policy does not appear to cover YouTube and Google, because website data enables websites to store personal information about visitors so that they can remember user information the next time they visit.

Cookies are commonly used to track a user's preferences and hobbies on various websites.

Chrome's behavior allows Google to save data as site data and track users even if they delete cookies and site data every time the browser is closed.

Google said in a statement: We are aware of a security flaw in Chrome that affects the way cookies are deleted on some Google sites. We are investigating the issue and planning to roll out a solution in the next few days.

After upgrading Chrome browser to version 86.0.4240.111, it looks like YouTube has fixed, so YouTube local save data gets deleted after restart.

Earlier this year, Google announced plans to completely remove cookies from Chrome and replace them with new technologies over the next two years.

The giant search company has been criticized for lack of clarity on the standards of its products. The documents show that Google engineers are confused about the website's settings and privacy features.

The documents also show that Google engineers have tried to make it easier for users to change the information sent to the company's website.

The US Department of Justice has filed a monopoly against the company's illegal monopoly over the search and advertising markets and is required to distinguish its dominant technology platform from other commercial activities.

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