DJI announces the Ronin S 2 and Ronin SC 2
DJI announces the Ronin S 2 and Ronin SC 2

The Chinese company (DJI) introduced two new versions of the stabilizer (Ronin S) so that the stabilizer (Ronin S 2) inherits from the original stabilizer (Ronin S), which is suitable for large cameras and professional photographers.

The Ronin SC 2 stabilizer has a lighter design, making it more suitable for mirrorless cameras and smaller options.

The Ronin SC 2 stabilizer has a new foldable system that, according to DJI, is easy to transport.

The Stabilizer (Ronin SC 2) measures 180 x 190mm and weighs 1.2kg. It can run up to 12 hours on a single charge and has a fast charging option.

The company suggests that the stabilizer design (Ronin SC 2) allows more shooting options without the need for attachments.

The stabilizer includes a pouch that allows you to detach and carry the stabilizer main arm to expand the range of shooting angles, and a 1-inch screen (OLED) that can be used to display camera data. The camera can carry a payload of 3 kg.

The stabilizer (Ronin S 2) weighs approximately 1.3 kg and can carry a camera platform with a weight of 4.5 kg and a battery for up to 12 hours, while the fast charging function is in operation. Leave the charging time only 15 minutes for an extra 2 hours too.

DJI puts more emphasis on the stabilizer mount function as it has a SuperSmooth mode that compensates for longer lenses with a focal length of 100mm.

The company said: The new and improved Titan stabilization algorithm reduces the need for manual user intervention in terms of speed, range and acceleration, compensates for user movement and improves performance. Inclination and angle of the stabilizer.

The Ronin SC 2 has a two-tier camera mount that supports Arca Swiss and Manfrotto standards, as well as a button to adjust the camera's balance.

There is also a 1.4-inch touch screen that can be used to display paper feed, data, or camera stabilization settings in real time.

Both installers can use a lot of accessories as RavenEye can send 1080p video sources to the mobile app (Ronin) at 30 fps from a distance of 200 meters.

This application can control many of the installer functions.

(Ronin SC 2) and (Ronin S 2) share many pre-programmed movements and functions, such as panorama, time lapse, portrait mode, and time tunnel mode. You can record Hyperlapse videos while scrolling 360 degrees.

The Ronin SC 2 updates this feature after launch so that you can rotate the camera to portrait mode with just one click.

The price of the Ronin SC 2 stabilizer is $ 849 while the price of the Ronin SC 2 stabilizer is $ 499.

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