DJI Pocket 2 brings updated sensors optics and audio
DJI Pocket 2 brings updated sensors optics and audio

DJI has released a new compact camera with the DJI Pocket 2 stabilizer, the second generation of the original Osmo Pocket camera.

The DJI Pocket 2 camera features the same compact design as the previous model and a gimbal camera for capturing photos and videos.

The new camera is equipped with a larger 64MP sensor that can capture 16MP or 64MP photos.

You can zoom 8 times in 64 MP mode or 4 times in 16 MP mode. Auto focus has also been improved.

The portable camera can record 4K video at 60 frames per second, and video is recorded at 100 Mbps, for clearer, less compressed images.

The camera also supports HDR shooting and the video mode also takes advantage of an improved autofocus system.

DJI's sound quality has also been greatly improved. DJI Pocket 2 puts four microphones for stereo recording.

The software automatically adjusts the sound to the position indicated by the camera, and the stabilizer also supports audio boost to reduce the sound field when zoomed in.

The camera has other functions such as: Professional mode and (ActiveTrack 3.0); Track and hold the subject in the frame in a 1080p slow motion video (time lapse), (ultra lapse), (motion lapse), (pan), on Facebook or YouTube. Live broadcast and story mode.

(DJI Pocket 2) also supports many new accessories, including a new charging case, wireless microphone, waterproof cover, mini disk, extension bar, wide-angle lens, wireless module cable, and support system for smartphones.

The base is removable and enables connection of standard accessories such as: docking station (mini tripod stand), handle with tripod (Do-It-All), device for WLAN and Bluetooth, speaker, 3.5mm audio connection and wireless microphone for reception.

The price of this camera is $ 349. With a mini joystick and tripod, you also get a build kit that includes a mini joystick and tripod, wide angle lens, wireless microphone, windshield and a jack for all trades. The mini stand is $ 499.

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