Elevate UMV .. a legged car from Hyundai
Elevate UMV .. a legged car from Hyundai

Hyundai Motor Company introduced the UMV Elevate concept car in a concept video that demonstrates the change from a four-wheel drive vehicle to a four-legged friend for off-road terrain.

The concept is called Ultimate Mobility Vehicle and was introduced at CES 2019. It has now evolved into a 5: 1 prototype.

The car has four wheels and it can still operate normally under normal driving conditions.

When you want to reach an area where a regular car cannot reach, lift the extendable feet and rotate the wheels 90 degrees to become feet. Then the articulated feet can move the car forward.

The project is led by John Soh, founding director of Hyundai New Horizons studio.

The studio, developed by Elevate UMV, aims to bring an elusive imagination to the heart of the Hyundai Motor Group business.

The Elevate UMV project is based on the 1980s game "Transformers" and is a collaboration with Design Software Corporation (Autodesk) in the field of Generative Design.

Autodesk's goal is to make the process of using computers to develop design ideas easier and faster. When calculating strength, weight, cost, manufacturing complexity, and durability, the design skills created are many times greater than those of humans.

Soh said, "Generative design helps the human brain expand possibilities."

He added: With the help of generative design, a single designer or engineer can experiment with dozens or hundreds of different iterations of the design, so the concept enables them to see things that they do not see. He may not have thought of complicated problems and solved them. Problem.

Suh noted that the vehicle's use case is more indicative than you originally thought.

Search and Rescue is an obvious use case that allows people with reduced mobility to enter the vehicle without elevators or ramps.

The real result of the recent projects is the ability to replicate lighter and smarter designs that could be used in production cars.

The 'Overhead' project marks the beginning of a whole class of vehicles that can be converted into a different type of mobility.

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