Excel error prevents Corona cases from being recorded
Excel error prevents Corona cases from being recorded

An error in the table (Microsoft Excel) led to 16,000 cases of coronavirus infection not counted. This means that thousands of people can contract the virus but have not been followed up.

The day after the UK government announced the largest number of coronavirus cases in England, he revealed the reasons for the high incidence of coronavirus.

It is believed that the cause of the anomaly is that the Lab Results Worksheet (Microsoft Excel) has reached its maximum size and that an automated process has prevented the worksheet from adding new names. .

This means that no more than 15,841 cases were uploaded from the UK Government Information Center (COVID-19) between 25 September and 2 October.

Aside from reducing the size of the outbreak in the UK, detailed information has not been sent to the contact trailers. This means that people exposed to the virus have not been tracked.

Labor Secretary Therese Covey admitted that a big mistake could hurt more Britons.

(Boris Johnson) couldn't figure out how many people had been persecuted after making this mistake.

Boris Johnson was quick to downplay concerns that ministers are making important decisions on lockdown without specific information. He said: The epidemic is still according to the opinions of experts.

This issue sparked strong opposition from Public Health England (PHE).

PHE officials said the outstanding cases were referred to the NHS Testing and Tracking Department once the issues were resolved, and thanked the trainees for calling for their additional efforts to clean up the buildup.

Now the technical problem has been resolved by splitting the file (Microsoft Excel) into several smaller files to prevent this problem from happening again.

Public Health England (PHE) has not yet confirmed a Microsoft Excel bug.

Public Health England (PHE) indicated a technical flaw in uploading the data that allowed officials to share positive test results online.

A table (Microsoft Excel) can contain up to 16,384 new columns and 1,048,576 rows.

Although the exact nature of the problem is unclear, it is believed that boundaries should be involved.

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