Facebook cloud games ... what are they? How do I update?
Facebook cloud games ... what are they? How do I update?

Facebook announced the launch of several games that can be played in the cloud via the Facebook app and browser, which can be played instantly without downloading those games. Facebook has 200,000 people who play games over the cloud in a limited region every week.

The company made it clear something it hadn't done because it had not created a separate cloud gaming service and could run all cloud streaming games the same way they are played now. On the platform, either in the game tab or in the news feed.

There is no need for special hardware or controllers because your hand has been the console since the original mobile game was first released and you can play your games with a desktop mouse and keyboard.

More than 380 million people play games per month on the platform, and people play cloud games directly with people playing instant games (HTML5).

Cloud gaming new strengths:

These free cloud games were released in beta version on Android and released online at (fb.gg/play). It is not currently available for iOS. The first games this week include Asphalt 9: Gameloft Legends; Mobile Legends: The Adventures of Moondon; PGA TOUR Golf Battle Solitaire from specific software companies: "Arthur's Story" from Qublix Games and 2K Games WWE SuperCard. In the coming weeks, Red Bull Dirt Bike Unchained will be added, and the company will continue to test new experiences and expand its game library.

Gamer names and cross-play: For the first time on Facebook, provide game-themed player names and avatars to represent yourself in the game instead of using their full names and profile pictures. All developers who integrate Facebook Login for Gaming can interact between the downloaded version of the game and the cloud version of Facebook.

Display ads (cloud-readable) on Android and (iOS) in the US: Based on the company readable HTML5 ad format, readable ads are now served to the cloud. With this new format, interactive presentations can now be supported from the original game code, blurring the line between game and advertisement.

Redesigned Target Can Play on Facebook: This tab includes redesigned games, detection features, and updated sharing so that players can find new games and try to return to the games they played.

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