Facebook decides to block vaccine ads
Facebook decides to block vaccine ads

Facebook announced, Tuesday, that it has introduced a new global policy that bans advertising and bans people from being vaccinated. The company previously had a fake vaccine policy publicly put in place by global health organizations.

The company's chief health officer (Kang Sheng Jin) and product manager (Rob Leather) said in an email on Tuesday, "If a person's complaint prevents a person from receiving the vaccine, we will reject it."

The new ban came when the company announced a series of policy changes aimed at removing problematic content from its social networks that it had previously not wanted to block. This includes the ban on Holocaust-denying content announced earlier this week, as well as the ban on websites and groups that support the QAnon conspiracy theory last week.

The company announced a temporary ban on political ads after the US elections on November 3. Last month it announced a ban on any advertisement trying to legitimize US election results, and last month it decided to stop hiring broadcast groups that focus on social media advice. . User Status.

Facebook will continue to allow ads to defend the government's vaccination policy, including the new COVID-19 vaccine against the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

For example, Facebook said: It will allow ads similar to those posted in the Virginia representative candidates last August, including, “Stop mandatory vaccination against the Coronavirus! ... All drugs are risky and we think this is closely related to the discussion that requires vaccination! Everyone before the vaccine was launched It is not known if the vaccine had serious, long-term and premature side effects.

However, advertisements that try to discourage people from receiving the vaccination are expressly prohibited, including behavior they describe as ineffective or dangerous.

A Facebook spokesperson told CNBC, "If an ad defending or violating government laws and policies clearly discourages others from using the vaccine, it will be rejected." He added, "This includes describing the vaccine as unnecessary, ineffective, unsafe or unhealthy, describing disease vaccines as harmless, or describing the components of the vaccine as harmful or fatal."

The Facebook post also describes the platform's plan to use Preventive Care tools to help people get flu vaccines and general information about getting them.

The company also said it is working with the World Health Organization and UNICEF to "launch a public health campaign to increase vaccination rates."

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