Facebook defeats Netflix movie Social Dilemma
Facebook defeats Netflix movie Social Dilemma

Facebook today (Friday) refuted the documentary series "Social Dilemma", which was a huge success on Netflix.

The movie was shown. For some viewers, this may be the first time a social network has used algorithms to attract repeat customers. It also covers how tech companies affect elections, racial violence, depression, and suicide. Some viewers said they deleted Facebook and Instagram after watching the documentary.

The anti-Facebook argument is believed to show concern about the impact the documentary has had on its use. In September, the “Social Dilemma” appeared in the top ten movies and TV shows on Netflix and is still appearing in the “Trending” section.

In an article on its website, Facebook responded to many of its concerns about the film, covering topics such as: addiction, "product" users, its algorithms, privacy, polarization, elections, and disinformation.

"Instead of providing accurate feedback on technology, it is providing a skewed view of how social media platforms are creating a suitable scapegoat for difficult and complex social problems," Facebook said. She added that the documentary enriches the social network. Enjoy and give you a distorted view of how it works.

Facebook believes that its algorithms like Netflix, dating apps, Amazon and Uber can preserve what users consider "relevant and useful".

However, one thing that is covered in the movie is that Facebook's algorithm allows more specific information about users, such as: B- Their favorite party, study and show them the messages they think are okay with it. Facebook does not have this problem when comparing its services. The film suggests that social media should present different viewpoints to the audience in order to achieve more balance.

Facebook has also argued that its product team does not need to create features to increase the time people spend using its services. He said it changed in 2018, reducing 50 million hours of use per day.

However, on every earnings conference call, Facebook will highlight the "Daily Active Users" index, which is growing exponentially from year to year. These users are the users the company has taken advantage of, so you can be sure that they come back every day. According to second quarter 2020 revenue, more than 1.79 billion people use Facebook daily, and 2.7 billion people use Facebook every month.

The company also provides a measure of the value of these users, given that the average revenue per user in the second quarter of 2020 was $ 7.05.

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