Facebook Twitter and Google officials are expected to testify in the Senate
Facebook Twitter and Google officials are expected to testify in the Senate

The chief executives of Twitter, Facebook and Google agreed to volunteer to testify on key laws protecting internet companies at the Senate Trade Committee hearing on October 28.

Last Friday, Facebook and Twitter confirmed that their executives (Mark Zuckerberg) and (Jack Dorsey) would attend, and a source said Google (Sundar Pichai) would attend. It was the day the committee voted unanimously to approve a plan to bring three executives to the committee meeting.

Dorsey said on Twitter on Friday that the hearing "should be constructive and focus on the things that matter most to the American people, and how we collectively protect the elections." The CEO is required to attend by default.

In addition to discussions about amending the Act, Section 230 of the Communications Ethics Act, which protects internet companies from user obligations to publish content, the hearing will raise questions about protecting consumer privacy and standardizing communications. The media.

US President Donald Trump has forced Republicans to hold tech companies accountable to stifle conservative voices, a problem with his administration. As a result, there was a strong demand for Section 230 reform ahead of the November 3 elections, but the chances of congressional approval this year are slim.

Last week, after the Justice Department announced legislative proposals to reform the law, Trump met with nine Republican prosecutors to discuss the fate of Article 230.

The chief executives of Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon recently testified before the Antitrust Committee of the House Judiciary Committee. The committee is investigating how the company's actions have harmed competitors and is expected to release a report next Monday.

Additionally, Facebook rebutted the successful documentary series "The Social Dilemma" on Netflix on Friday.

The anti-Facebook argument is believed to show concern about the impact the documentary has had on its use. In September, the “Social Dilemma” appeared in the top ten movies and TV shows on Netflix and is still appearing in the “Trending” section.

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