Apple's patent application in January revealed the idea of ​​a foldable iPhone that includes a self-healing screen cover that the device can use to repair scratches on the screen.

As Apple wrote in the patent application filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the proposed conceptual rendering allows the device to repair itself without manual intervention by the user.

In theory, the folding screen self-repair can be activated automatically and the folding screen self-repair can be activated according to a pre-set schedule.

Use heat, light, electric current, or an external catalyst to fix the protective layer over the screen.

The patent application also states: The virtual machine screen cover may contain a flexible body layer that can deform and restore shape to protect the device's sensitive internal components.

In theory, this material makes the foldable screen cover more durable.

Several tech companies such as Samsung manufacture foldable phones in a variety of styles. However, Apple's self-repair feature gives these devices a unique twist.

Samsung's first foldable device, the Galaxy Fold, suffered from screen durability issues. After multiple hardware testing failed, the phone launched late.

At least one LG G Flex smartphone released in 2013 embodies the basic self-repair technology.

LG phones have a self-repairing back that can fix small scratches like knife scratches, but the effect is not good.

There is no indication that Apple will release a foldable phone with a self-healing feature anytime soon.

Apple has apparently been thinking about foldable phones for many years, and other patent applications have shown prototypes of foldable iPhones as well.

Foldable iPhone with self-repairing screen
Foldable iPhone with self-repairing screen

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