Foxconn wants to become an Android electric car
Foxconn wants to become an Android electric car

(Foxconn) Taiwanese company Foxconn, which assembles iPhones for Apple devices, has launched a platform to help automakers make electric cars.

The tech giant is known as a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics such as smartphones. However, according to research firm Allied Market Research, the latest announcement places Foxconn in a market that will be valued at more than $ 800 billion by 2027. The move is in line with the company's efforts to diversify its business. Activities.

(William Wei) - Foxconn CEO: The company's goal is to become an Android system for electric cars, referring to Google's mobile operating system. He added, "We believe that this is our mission."

Android (the world's largest mobile operating system by market share) has become the dominant provider of open source. This means that smartphone manufacturers can use semi-finished products on smartphones, but they can also adapt them according to their needs. In contrast, Apple's iOS is only available for iPhones and is controlled by Apple.

In this case, Foxconn initiated a so-called MIH (Open Platform). Basically, it's a suite of tools the company can use to design most Foxconn electric cars.

Automakers can design and customize bodies from SUVs to cars and customize them to their liking, from wheelbase to battery size. Foxconn calls its platform "modular," which means some components can be replaced and upgraded at a later time.

Foxconn also offers software that developers can create. Some of them include critical jobs and autonomous cars. Foxconn appears to be trying to assemble all the parts needed to manufacture almost the entire vehicle.

The company said: It is developing what is known as solid-state batteries, which are the next generation of current lithium-ion batteries designed for use in cars. This can open up other areas and improve efficiency. The company said solid-state batteries are scheduled to hit the market in 2024.

Foxconn Product Manager (Xiao Jingxuan) said, "By 2025, anyone who mastered solid-state battery technology will dominate the entire industry."

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