Google announced 10 new smart screen features
Google announced 10 new smart screen features

Today, Monday, Google announced 10 new features based on its Google Assistant, including a dark mode.

The American tech giant said in its blog: We offer you a new experience based on the intelligent and intelligent visual capabilities of Google.

According to Google, Google started ten new things by reviewing the new visual experience, and the new visual experience started a new day by clicking on the (Your Morning) page for important information. On this page, the user will see things like: the first meeting of the day, morning news, and the weather of the day. This page is open all day in the afternoon and evening and makes suggestions based on the time of day.

Among the novelties, Google mentioned a new multimedia (Multimedia) page, where users can get videos and videos that can be used to entertain the whole family. You can also control the entire family from one place using the Family Control page, which allows users to find internet-connected devices in their home.

Google will also add a "Contact" page, which will give users access to additional tools to communicate with family, friends and colleagues. The company will also add (browse) discovery pages to browse more smart screen features available to users.

Google said, “If you have separate personal and work accounts, you can now set up multiple accounts on Google Assistant-enabled devices to view and interact with all upcoming events and meetings in one place without having to.” À to switch between private and work accounts. "

The company added that the video conferencing service (Meet) can support the Nest Hub Max's automatic windowing feature so that users can stay in the center of the screen while on the go. The company has added new options to the list that allow users to cancel (dead) meetings and reschedule them directly from the smart screen.

Google will also support (dark theme) in smart displays that can change the screen color to reduce light emission and thus relax the eyes at night. It is possible to automatically switch between dark and light modes, depending on the ambient lighting or sunrise and sunset times.

In addition, the new side function (night) includes a function that you can choose from many pleasant sounds to enhance sleep. It also includes a function (Sunrise Alarm), which will soon be supported in the smart screen, which will gradually change the screen brightness 30 minutes before the programmed alarm time.

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