Google announces a thermostat that uses radar to sense your approach
Google announces a thermostat that uses radar to sense your approach

Google announced today, Monday, that its new Nest thermostat is worth $ 129, the first update of the device in two years.

The new Nest Thermostat differs slightly from the Nest Learning Thermostat ($ 249) and the Nest E thermostat ($ 169).

It should be noted that (Nest) has become a trademark of Google Home Electronics and includes other products such as alarm systems, smart speakers and surveillance cameras. Nest thermostats can compete with similar products from companies like Amazon-backed Ecobee, and Honeywell can compete with them as well.

The name NEST has become synonymous with smart thermostats that allow users to control the temperature in their homes through their mobile phones. Nest previous educational thermostats can take advantage of user trends and automatically adjust temperature to reduce energy costs.
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The new model does not automatically detect and adjust the temperature, but a schedule can be suggested to help users reduce their energy bills. Google estimates that it could save 10 to 20% on heating costs and 15% on cooling costs.

The Nest thermostat adopts a new design with a mirror effect on the front. And it appears to be lighter than the previous model. Users only need to turn the page and slide down to raise or lower the temperature without turning the surface of the device. What distinguishes this device is that it uses Google Soli radar, which was originally introduced in the Pixel 4 (Pixel 4) phones. It can detect passing persons to illuminate the screen automatically.

However, unlike Soli's radar for the Pixel 4 phones, users cannot use radar to nod and interact with their heads in the air. It appears that this was a missed opportunity that would have allowed the user to set the temperature or move the menu by waving in front of them.

Google claims to have simplified the configuration of the new thermostat. All the user has to do is install and open the Google Home app and then guide them through the setup process. It also uses Google's new HVAC Monitoring feature, which can notify users when some issues are not working properly and recommends professionals who can fix the problem.

Google's new Nest thermostat will start taking orders on Monday. It will be available in four colors and will be shipped over the next few weeks.

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