Google Assistant can now interact with external applications
Google Assistant can now interact with external applications

Google announced today, Thursday, that its voice assistant can now open some popular apps and execute commands within those apps.

The US tech giant stated on a blog that users can use its smart assistant to do more specific things. Do more than just open apps.

Users can ask the smart assistant to open an app, like for example, you can use the app of Walmart, an American retailer, to search for products there and then buy them. You can also send messages through the SnapChat app or order groceries from the Postmates service.

The new move is believed to be Google's latest attempt to make its digital assistant competitive with similar products such as Amazon (Alexa) and Apple (Siri).

Initially, 30 popular apps supported these new features, including Walmart, Spotify, SnapChat, Dunkin 'Donuts, Twitter, and Nike Run. Clubs, Instagram, Nike Adapt, Reddit, Mint and Discord.

Google said it will soon support more apps with custom commands and any developer can add custom queries. Google told CNBC that nearly all Android apps this week will support search functions, such as the ability to search for computers in the Best Buy app.

It should be noted that Apple offers similar functions via this function (Siri shortcut). These functions are commands that developers can include in the app. The user can then talk to the digital assistant to open a specific process and then execute it in the app.

However, Google defeated Apple. For users, it is enough Google to download an app like Twitter and then request direct access to the most recent tweet. Although using Apple. The user must first set the command and then send a request (Siri).

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