Google: Chinese hackers impersonating Biden's McAfee campaigns
Google: Chinese hackers impersonating Biden's McAfee campaigns

In a blog post, Google said: Hackers with ties to the Chinese government pretend to be McAfee virus software trying to infect the victim's computer with malware.

Google said: It appears that hackers and phishing attacks earlier this year did not target former Vice President (Joe Biden) presidential campaign. A group of similar Iranian hackers attempted to target President Trump's campaign but was unsuccessful.

Google added that the organization (which the company calls APT 31 (short for "Advanced Persistent Threat") sent an email link to users who downloaded malware hosted on GitHub for attackers to download files, download files and execute commands. Because the group uses services like GitHub and Dropbox to launch attacks, which get more difficult to track.

"Every malicious portion of this attack is hosted by a legitimate service, which makes it difficult for defenders to rely on network signals for detection," said Shane Huntley, head of Google's threat analysis team.

If you claim to be a (McAfee) antivirus scam, the email recipient should install the legal (McAfee) version of the software from GitHub. Install malware at the same time without the user's knowledge. Huntley indicated that Google will send an alert when it finds that a user has been the victim of a government-sponsored attack.

The Google Post did not name the person recently attacked by the APT-31, but expressed "increased interest in the APT threat in the context of the US election." Google reported the results to the FBI.

According to Reuters, Microsoft warned Democratic candidate (Joe Biden), one of the campaign's top advisers, against including suspected hackers in the September campaign, citing three people familiar with the matter. The Russian state is targeting him.

Sources told Reuters: The intent of the hack was an employee of SKDKnickerbocker, a Washington-based campaign and communications strategy firm that has worked with Biden and other prominent Democrats for the past two months.

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