Google gives you the new Chromecast device for free ... but on condition
Google gives you the new Chromecast device for free ... but on condition

Google plans to give you a new Chromecast with Google TV for free, but only if you have to register (YouTube TV) and pay for the service for a month.

(YouTube TV) is Google's online live broadcasting platform with 85 channels and a monthly price of $ 64.99.

There are some restrictions according to the terms of the contract, you can only qualify for this offer if you are a first time subscriber (YouTube TV).

Then you have to pay for your subscription (YouTube TV) between October 15th and December 31st to receive the new Chromecast with Google TV for free.

In addition, this offer is only available in the United States and current subscribers (YouTube TV) cannot take advantage of this offer.

After a two-week free trial (YouTube TV), you have to pay for the first month before you can receive promotional emails from Google.

The promotion will take you to the Google Store and you can use the free code until February 28, 2021 to set the device to gray (snow) instead of pink (sunrise) or blue (sky).

You should also know that paying $ 64.99 for a month on YouTube TV is more than buying a new Chromecast for only $ 49.99.

However, if you're looking to subscribe to the platform and buy new hardware (Chromecast, Google TV), a bid of $ 64.99 instead of $ 115 can be beneficial.

The difference between the new Chromecast and the old Chromecast is that it has an internal operating system and a dedicated remote control because it supports 4K resolution and supports a large number of streaming services.

According to reports, in the (Start Night) event for the new device (Chromecast with Google TV), Google officially announced that the company is adopting (Google TV) as an interface compatible with the operating system (Android TV). Who is running the machine.

The new device has almost all the functions of (Chromecast Ultra), as it supports (4K HDR) up to 60 frames per second and (Dolby Vision).

With (Google TV) the device has its own interface and you can navigate using the remote control.

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