Google is intensifying its campaign against the Digital Services Act
Google is intensifying its campaign against the Digital Services Act

Google launched a 60-day strategy to respond to EU pressure on the Digital Services Act (DSA).

Google is trying to counter these stringent new technology rules by asking its allies in the US to put pressure on the EU digital president and explain the cost of the new rules.

The European Commission originally planned to publish regulations on December 2 called the Digital Services Act (DSA), which must align with proposals from European Union countries and the European Parliament before they become legislation.

The proposal has put enormous pressure on the US tech giants and some European tech peers who are concerned about its impact on their business models.

According to an internal document published by Google in October, the goal of this strategy is to remove undue restrictions on Google's business model and its ability to improve products or introduce new features and services.

When asked about the relevant documents, Google said: The new rules should take into account that people and companies are demanding more tech companies, not less.

“As we have made clear in our public and private communications, we are concerned about some reporting proposals that will discourage global companies from using high technology to meet European users and the growing demand for business,” said Karan Bhatia, Vice President for Global Government Affairs, Global Public Affairs and Policy.

The document proposes to work with the US government and its embassy to put pressure on Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton (Thierry Breton). The news suggests that the new regulations threaten transatlantic relations. This is a violation of the Digital Services Act (DSA). Pressure from the Europeans.

The paper also proposes to address potential problems in the commission's competition sector: the Digital Services Act (DSA) threatens its authority, and another part of the strategy is to clarify the cost to consumers and businesses.

The 18-page document also recommends recruiting EU countries and European companies as online allies, for example B. (Allegro), (Trivago), (, (Zalando) and (REWE).

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