Google plans to make YouTube a major shopping destination
Google plans to make YouTube a major shopping destination

Google wants to make the YouTube video-sharing platform a major competitor, making it a competitor to Amazon.

Bloomberg reported that the platform is testing features that will allow viewers to purchase products directly from the video.

Some creators are testing tools on YouTube that they can use to tag products in videos.

Now that you have linked these videos to Google Analytics and Shopping Tools, you can track the data in these videos to see how they work.

These tools allow viewers to click on and buy products featured in the video.

A YouTube spokesperson confirmed that the company is using a limited number of video channels to test these features. The spokesperson said, "The content makers will control the products offered, which the company described as an experiment, without sharing further details."

In addition to its own tools, Google is also said to be testing ways to integrate Shopify, which is an all-in-one online store provider, into its platform.

YouTube appears to have tested Shopify integration over the past year, which has allowed some creators to list as many as 12 items for sale on the digital platform within their videos.

It's unclear how YouTube plans to take advantage of direct sales, and it appears that the creator will receive a percentage of the new program's revenue, which will allow them to diversify their earnings beyond ads.

The plan made the platform a major shopping destination and YouTube wasn't taking full advantage of this space.

YouTube seems to have thought about making the platform a major shopping destination for some time, but it hasn't done it right.

Bloomberg said that due to the pandemic, shrinking marketing budgets and growing interest in e-commerce, the plan has made the plan a priority.

YouTube is a $ 15 billion company. Through openness to e-commerce, YouTube will take this number to a new level.

The platform is full of creatives and content producers who promote products through affiliate links. It appears that viewers will soon be able to purchase products directly from the platform and ditch the middleman entirely.

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