Google reveals its largest DDoS attack yet
Google reveals its largest DDoS attack yet

The Google Cloud team revealed unknown DDoS attacks against Google services in September 2017, recording 2.54 TB per second. This is the largest distributed denial of service attack to date.

Google's Threat Analysis Team, the Google security team responsible for analyzing the Advanced Threat Group, said in another report that the attack was carried out by threat actors and sponsored by the state.

Google Threat Analysis Group researchers: The attack came from China and the networks of four Chinese ISPs.

“The attack peak is 2.54 terabytes per second,” said Damien Mencher, a security and reliability engineer on the Google Cloud team. This is the culmination of a six-month campaign in which Google has been attacked using multiple methods. Server infrastructure.

Mencher added: The attacker scanned millions of packets per second using multiple networks and redirected them to 180,000 (CLDAP), DNS server and public (SMTP) server. Then it sends a large number of responses to Google.

These resources, which can be obtained from a genius attacker, indicate that this attack is four times higher than the Mirai botnet attack which recorded 623 Gbps in 2016.

Additionally, the attack is larger than the 2.3 TB DDoS attack on Amazon Infrastructure (AWS) in February of this year.

Google announced the incident for a number of reasons, despite the fact that the attack was kept secret for three years.

Google's threat assessment team hopes to raise awareness of the growing trend of hacking groups to abuse DDoS attacks across the country to destroy targets.

The Google Cloud team also hopes to raise awareness that DDoS attacks will escalate over the next few years as internet bandwidth increases.

Equinix expects to increase global connection bandwidth by about 45%, or roughly 16,300 TB per second, through 2023.

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