Hacking the Minister of Communications' WhatsApp account
Hacking the Minister of Communications' WhatsApp account

A statement from South Africa's Ministry of Communications said that the WhatsApp report, prepared by Minister of Communications and Digital Technology, Stella Nadabene Abrahams, had been hacked.

The ministry said that private and confidential information reaches an outside party without referring to the outside party, and the ministry did not mention how it believed that the account had been hacked.

“This illegal activity has been reported to the relevant authorities and the platform owners to take necessary action,” Ministry of Industry and Information Technology spokesman Mish Mullaking said.

The Ministry of Communications and Digital Technology added: It is a crime to obtain and publish information that is obtained illegally, and the perpetrators will be reported to the judicial authorities.

The ministry announced that it will follow legal procedures against the perpetrators and is not currently providing any additional information.

Commenting on the breakthrough, Communications Minister Rouhani, a former spokesman for the Democratic League, and Representative Voumzil Van Dam said: Everyone, including the minister, should enjoy their privacy.

She added: It violated her privacy. No matter what the minister or what he did, no one should invade their privacy. It is a limit not to be missed.

And she continued: Please ask if you do not post pictures or videos of a sexual nature and if you share such pictures or videos with anyone via electronic channels without permission, you can go to prison.

Facebook is reportedly continuing to sue the company (NSO Group) that develops the infamous spyware (Pegasus) and is accused of hacking into the WhatsApp platform.

A California federal judge ruled that Facebook's lawsuit against NSO Group may be related to the ongoing surveillance of thousands of WhatsApp users.

Facebook, which filed a lawsuit last year, alleged that the NSO group used a flaw in WhatsApp to distribute its malware to human rights activists, journalists, and political opponents.

Messaging platforms are trying to increase account security and prevent the hacking of WhatsApp accounts by enabling the feature to use fingerprint login. This new sign-in method offers significant benefits.

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