How to play PlayStation 4 games on PlayStation 5?
How to play PlayStation 4 games on PlayStation 5?

Sony announced on Friday that most of the early versions of the (PlayStation 4) console games are compatible with the new (PlayStation 5) PlayStation 5 platform, which means you can play most of your games. Already on the PS4 platform. New gaming platform.

Is this the way to play PlayStation 4 games on PS5?

Sony says the PS5 platform can play over 99% of all PS4 games, and you can also play backward compatible PS4 games that come with PS Plus or PS now on PS5. The company also promised that some games could actually take advantage of the (Game Boost) feature, which provides faster and smoother frame rates.

However, the company cautioned that some features of some PlayStation 4 platform games may not be available and errors or unexpected behavior may occur when playing backward-compatible games on the PS5.

If you have a PS5 model with a player and you have a copy of a PlayStation 4 game on disc, you can simply insert the disc into the disc port on the PS5 platform for direct play. Bear in mind that some games need an update. But then, just plug it in to instantly customize the game in port and play.

If you have a digital version of the PS5 platform, things get complicated as the PlayStation 4 games currently available to players are shown in the PS5 platform game library, just like the current mode on the PS4, the player. You must be from their library select the game and download it to start playing.

Unlike PS5 games, which have to be installed directly on the internal SSD, players can install and play PS4 games directly from an external drive to take advantage of Sony's speed improvements in the new model. Sony also offers options to transfer digital downloads and store data. Convert PS4 to PS5 with WiFi or LAN cable.

The company has stated that it recommends gamers to use the Dual Sense controller to play PlayStation 4 games on the PS5 console for the best possible experience and that all other PS4 accessories including: PlayStation VR, can work. On the next-generation PS5 platform.

Aside from the fact that you can only play PlayStation 4 games on the PS5 platform, you can also upgrade some games to the PS5 version, as Sony indicated that the developer can determine if the upgrade is free or not with additional purchase. Or only make it available for a limited time.

The company will also allow developers to charge fees for next-generation upgrades, and will likely offer discounts for players who already own the existing PS4 gaming platform model, and the process of transferring stored data from the release, according to Sony. Versions from PS4 to PS5 are dependent on game developers.

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