If the publisher is not verified Windows 10 blocks the identification
If the publisher is not verified Windows 10 blocks the identification

With the new October security update, Microsoft reported a change in the way Windows searches for drivers or drivers, which could lead to an increase in the number of specific errors for Windows 10 users.

Microsoft provided information about set error messages for all supported versions of Windows 10 and Windows Server that users might see after installing the October security update.

This feature is designed to protect your computer from unknown publishers. If Windows cannot verify the specified editor or the signature is missing, an error will occur.

An error message might appear while installing a third-party driver: Windows cannot verify the publisher of this identification.

You may also receive an error message: When you try to view signature properties using Windows Explorer, the object does not contain a signature.

According to Microsoft, this error occurs when an unformatted file is correctly selected for the list while scanning a driver through Windows. This means that the installation process will fail.

The software giant said: Starting with this release, Windows requires (PKCS # 7) encoding content (DER) in the list file to be licensed and that the list file must be signed in accordance with Section 11.6 of the DER Encoding Instructions.

Microsoft lists the issue under Known issues and resolved issues for each affected version of Windows 10 in the Windows Update Dashboard.

The company recommends that users contact the driver's manufacturer or the device manufacturer. If Windows 10 is unable to verify the driver, please request an updated driver to fix the problem.

Microsoft is committed to improving Windows 10 security to avoid malicious drivers. However, these efforts focus on secure business computers (like the Surface Pro X).

The October Update resolves 87 vulnerabilities, including a critical remote code execution (CVE-2020-16898) vulnerability on a Windows package.

With a severity rating of 9.8 (ten out of ten), this vulnerability could allow an attacker to send malicious router ad packets (ICMPv6) over a network connection to an unrepaired computer in order to take control of Windows. .

Microsoft believes that there may be attacks against this bug.

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