In short Google Maps shows how busy the place is right on the map
In short Google Maps shows how busy the place is right on the map

One of the most useful features of the Google Maps app (especially in the age of social media) is the ability to see how busy a restaurant or other business is before you arrive, and soon Google Maps will be able to show you the location directly in the map view. How busy.

Google Maps always provides occupancy metrics that can be used to roughly estimate the number of people at a particular location, even compare it to the normal number of people and then now click on the list for a specific location in the map app to determine occupancy. Evaluation indicators.

Google hosted the Search On event, which included some of the latest features in Google Search and related products (such as Assistant and Maps). During the event, Prabhakar Raghavan, Deputy Director of Search and Assistant at Google, said: The occupancy indicator is fast, and is displayed directly on the map.

Google Maps places (busier than usual) and (busier) pointers under the location's name to identify places that can be avoided by trying to maintain a reasonable social distance or just sitting at a table. More quickly. It also helps understand just how busy a larger space is, not just a single narrow view of a room.

Likewise, Google Maps on Android and iOS can show how busy a site is when you go to the site. When new features of these occupancy indicators appear in Maps, the only "soon" timeline that Google provides is this set.

Google has also published a large number of ads to improve your core product search. The company stated in (Search On Event) that it will focus on using artificial intelligence to help users. New features include a new algorithm that can better deal with misspellings in user requests, such as: B. Buzz, ability to discover songs, and new tools to help students with their homework. Google has also reported updates to Google Lens and other search tools. Google's events will be streamed live in real time sharing some of the new developments in search ranking made available by the company's latest research on artificial intelligence.

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