Instagram intends to test the purchases on the listings later this year
Instagram intends to test the purchases on the listings later this year

Instagram's photo and video sharing service launched the (scrolling) feature on a large scale last August to compete with the popular service TikTok and is now looking to take advantage of this feature.

The company announced today that it will begin testing purchases with Reels later this year and starting today, it will sell IGTV videos worldwide.

Finally, these IGTV videos will also be available through the Instagram store dedicated to in-app shopping. Viewers just need to click on the IGTV video to buy the products they are interested in through paying Instagram or seller's website.

People generally think Instagram is trying to optimize the Reels buyout function, which is not surprising, but the startup schedule is pretty fast.

However, this is in line with the strategy used by Facebook (Instagram owner). In recent years, the strategy has prioritized e-commerce, not least because it is usually part of the purchase but is postponing those costs until the end of 2020.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, said in 2019 that he expects trade and payments to be the future of business, and given the pace of ongoing procurement updates, it appears that this promise has kept that promise.

Additionally, Facebook announced on Wednesday that it will use Messenger's messaging service in the Instagram app. This is the first step in his plan to link messages between his groups of apps.

With this step, users in each section can find the video call of the contact on the other end, send them a message, and stop them without downloading two apps.

It also offers some features like: For example: Emojis and custom themes. This is the main content of Messenger, but it was previously unavailable on Instagram's simple messaging service. In addition, new functions are introduced, for example hiding messages.

If the user accepts the update, the Instagram message icon will change to the Messenger logo. Like Messenger, Instagram users who are unable to repost a post can have no more than five people at a time.

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