Instagram announced that it will temporarily remove the "current" tag from all tag pages and will not display any harmful content during the election.

The platform removed the hashtags a few days before the US presidential election.

She wrote in a tweet: "We are removing the" current "classification temporarily to reduce the real-time delivery of potentially harmful content that may occur during elections.

When you search for hashtags on Instagram, you can usually choose between the most viewed posts or the most recent posts. Now, after hiding the latest flags, all you see appears to be the top posts between them.

In the past, Instagram has been slower than Facebook at dealing with conspiracy theories and disinformation.

According to the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on election interference in Russia, the image-sharing app was the most effective tool for the Internet Research Agency in media campaigns in 2016.

Instagram and Facebook have taken measures to prevent incorrect information being posted on various platforms before and during the elections.

Facebook announced earlier this month that it had removed 120,000 posts on Facebook and Instagram that violated voter intervention guidelines.

The company also added warnings about 150 million fact checkers that have been exposed and rejected 2.2 million targeted ads for the United States without completing the licensing process.

Facebook also announced that it will block ads that falsely claim that they have won the US presidential election or that widespread fraud could alter the election results.

If any of the campaigns of President (Donald Trump) and Democratic nominee (Joe Biden) try to win early, those ads will be rejected as well.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during a hearing before the Senate Trade Committee that civil society groups will be removed from Facebook groups recommendations, adding that all new groups will also be temporarily banned.

In September of last year, Facebook announced that it would block new political ads a week before the election. Earlier this month, Facebook announced that it would indefinitely stop accepting political ads in the US to avoid confusion and confusion over potentially incorrect information. The result of the match shall be announced in advance.

Instagram temporarily deletes the tab recently
Instagram temporarily deletes the tab recently

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